Scaletech computing platform can be applied easily to every scientific/computational domain

earth observation

Earth observation

From reprocessing campaigns to SAR or Optical data analysis, Earth Observation is always in need of computational platforms in order to exploit data. Scaletech computing platform can help scientists, with ready to clone templated sandboxes with all the required tools preinstalled.


Engineering tools are quite often complex software with old monolithic approaches. Scaletech computing platform can help create new tools with modern parallelization and multicore processing also with newer processor architecture and optimization.


Finance equals to money, and money means lots of data an no margin for errors. Scaletech computing platform can help develops processors for big data and flow validators that can assure data is always correct in such a sensitive environment.


COVID-19 has shown the world that we must be able to solve complex virus challenges in very short time to provide new molecules to fight the spread of diseases. Scaletech computing platform can help, by providing unparalled computing power to discover and validate new drug treatments.
scientific computational domain


Biology and nature have some of the most complex problems that we still have to solve. Scaletech computing platform can help, by providing a common ground for scientists to validate their own algorithm and share their results.


Physics data are huge, LHC produce around 110 PB of data per year. This data has to be used in sumulations that can take quite some time. Scaletech computing platform can scale to manage a very high number of computing resources and orchestrate algorithm optimization in order to reduce operational costs.
smart farming

Smart Farming

Smart Farming is the future as humans count now is going towars the 8 billion mark, we need to find ways to improve the land utilization in a sustainable way. Scaletech computing platform can help SMEs to test their own softwares in order to drive a better future.


Security and monitoring is one of the key assets in tomorrow's strategic decision making. Automated ML models can warn for incoming threats and trigger responses or political supervisions. Scaletech computing platform can run scheduled tasks which constantly monitor relevant operational services.