Sure, the beta program is open to any scientist, researcher, SME or bigger Companies. It is needed in order to evaluate scalability and get feedback from users which in return can use the platform for free.

No, it is not needed. You can attach a single computer (or even a laptop) to your Organization. Just download and install the clustermanager software from this repo (link: )

While we create an appropriate support site, feel free to send us an email at . We'll be glad to help.

As for support issues, please feel free to send us an email at .

Not during the beta program. But feel free to send an email to asking for a number of CPUs and memory so that we can evaluate a fixed priced offer for 24/7 resources.

Scaletech computing platform will provide an elastic infrastructure, meaning that on top of your private resource you'll be able to request on the fly computing power (up to your upper bounds). This is not available in the beta program yet.

In the roadmap page, you will be able to see the planned features and some tentative dates.

Surely you can, if you decide to opt for your own registry and use your own cluster, only the metadata needed to run your computation will be managed by Scaletech computing platform, alghorithms and data will not be transferred in any way.

Currently the clustermanager does not clear any session unless you delete your own runs manually.

Yes, a RESTful API is available, OpenAPI documentation and usage examples will be provided.