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Scaletech computing platform is the hosted processing service developed for the scientific community. It helps scientists to develop and visualize their algorithm, and managers to distribute organisation resources.


Remote sandboxes work from the browser, where scientists can develop and maintain their code, install libraries, import files and create an environment that feels like their own PC.


The system uses the best technologies in order to provide a tool which can be used in already running infrastructure as well as new projects. It uses modern kubernetes clusters, PBS or even sparse nodes with an SSH access.


The platform is designed to manage resources in private, hybrid or public clouds. In case of sensitive resources, it is possible to keep the data and the algorithms locally in the private infrastructure.


The portal allows fast interaction, sandbox creation and workflows deployment. It provides a common ground among all the communities, leveraging knowledge sharing.

What we do

OS Self-Consistent Platform

Scaletech allows the creation of algorithms on any operating system, being agnostic from computational nodes, effectively using different environments in a single analysis.

Illustrated Session run detail

Scaletech shows the status and the logs of an algorithm run in real time, in order to monitor the execution and take action in case of errors.

API based

Scaletech exposes a RESTful API in order to allow third party softwares integrations.

Run Visibility Sharing

Scaletech lets you share your run details in real time with colleagues, in order to delegate direct observation of an algorithm run that lasts over time.

Paternity Tracking

Scaletech keeps track of the authors of the sandboxes and workflows, in order to quickly visualize the history tree of the objects.

Algorithm indexing

Scaletech shows the list of workflows or sandboxes that you own or are being shared to you, allowing them to be labeled in order to quickly filter and use them.

Sharing Algorithm

Scaletech allows algorithm sharing within the whole organization or to selected groups, increasing skills sharing and accelerating the design of new solutions.

Workflow Diagram Design

Scaletech lets the scientists create a workflow with an easy, drag and drop UI, where sandboxes can be configured individually for relationship type, variables, execution mode without the need to write down even more code.

Workflow to application

Scaletech will allow you to create applications from your algorithms in order to monetize them.

Scaletech computing platform supports users in their data exploitation journey

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