Who we are

Scaletech is the company specialized in scalable platforms and infrastructures . Its core mission is to install and operate scalable infrastructures and services, being based on existing software such as Kubernetes, Rancher, K3S, Openshift, Docker swarm, Terraform, multi node databases or storage, or develop its own technologies and tools in order to provide its customers the most efficient way to manage the IT needs and improve their business.

Scaletech is partially owned by LaserRomae, and constitutes its source for infrastructure operations and further improvements. The Laser Romae Group is made of 3 companies (LaserRomae, LaserDigitalHub, Scaletech) that combine system integration, application development activities and scalable IT infrastructures with a focus on new technologies, languages and platforms.

LRG operates, since 2013, in all the IT domains, offering forefront solutions and providing project analysis, engineering, integration and support services.

LRG’s mission is to provide solutions and services with the highest level of excellence, increase the products values, establish long term relationships with customers and suppliers in order to bring high profile technology innovation in the telco, p.a., multimedia, energy and utilities markets.

LaserDigitalHub is the company specialized in R&D projects focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics in the field of semantic content analysis. Its mission is to provide a strong link between the scientific, research world and the commercial exploitation of the outcomes.

Scaletech computing platform is a joint effort between LaserRomae, LaserDigitalHub and Scaletech, each operating on its specific domain and expertise. Feel free to ask for more information through the contact forms.